Fat Melting Laser

Our System is cutting edge and powerful!

We offer 6 HUGE treatment pads, no more messing around with small paddles, or only treating one body part at a time.

We have both 635 nm and 880 nm wavelengths for optimal treatments

1320 total diodes...
More than any other machine on the market. ‚Äč

Only system that offers flexible patented pads that can flex in any direction for the absolute best body coverage

Target the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back and arms

How It Works

1) Laser safely penetrates fat cells

2) Fat cells release Free Fatty Acids, Water and Glycerol until they are completely deflated

3) Glycerol and free fatty acids are used by the body as energy, or carried away by the lymphatic system and released naturally

4) Fat cells are now completeley collapsed resulting in inch loss for patients

Before -- Laser safely penetrates fat cells

0 min -- Full Fat Cells

15 min -- Fat Cells are opened

20 min -- Fat is being released

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